Saturday, July 5, 2014

"Color me America"

Well, I could say that days 3 & 4 in Dollywood went well, but that would be an understatement!!!! I had a fantastic time! We started day 3 with a stroll through the park, once again passing through craftsman's valley. We were extremely lucky in the fact that we were there at the right time to see one of the glassworkers in his shop.

After that, we continued to explore the park, riding a couple of the rides like Wild Eagle, Blazing Fury, and Firechaser express.

Firechaser Express is dedicated to the many volunteer firefighters who
sacrifice so much to keep us safe. 

I once again spent a good 2 hours in the museum (I had to make sure there wasn't anything I missed ;P), and despite the fact that we were in a theme park, it turned out to be a pretty laid back day. But on day 4, the 4th of July, things got a little crazy, we got up really early, arriving at the park before it opened so that we could wait in line to get the "special" seats for the fireworks. After getting our "special" tickets, we took off around the park, doing 5 of Dollywood's (and the country's') most intense roller coasters in a period of 2 hours. After that, I once again headed to the museum, but this time I was checking to see if Dolly's Uncle Bill was there. Sadly, he was not, so I continued to explore the park. We were walking past the old mill when, from across the way, we heard none other than Miss Lillian "The Chicken Lady" plucking on her little banjo and giving out chicken blessings.

A chicken Blessing :)
(Or blessings ;P)

Isn't she crazy :) So, after spending some time with Miss Lillian, we continued our journey through the park, it was starting to get late, and knowing that we should eat before the fireworks, we headed over to Lumberjack Pizza (Cheesy, I know ;P).

After dinner, we headed over to wait by the gate where they would soon check us in to our "Special Seats". Well, it turns out they were special :)

The seats had a great view of not only the fireworks, but of the park also. We were able to watch as people rode Wild Eagle during the sunset :)

The special seats also came with a special ticket to ride one of two of Dollywood's most popular rides, Wild Eagle, and Firechaser Express... In the dark!!! So, after the beautiful fireworks, I was able to ride Wild Eagle in the dark, with tons fireworks going off in the distance; It was a spectacular experience that I would love to repeat. Of course let's not forget the 200 foot climb and the 135 foot drop into a pitch black abyss ;P

Overall, the 4th of July was a success!!! I had such a great time, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

More Photos:
The Dollywood Express

Dolly's freshman yearbook :) Can you spot her?

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th, and in honor of this wonderful day, Id like to share some words from Dolly...
"Color Me America" By Dolly Parton

"I am red and white and blue
These are colors that ring true
To all I am and feel and love and do
I stand proud and brave and tall
I want justice for us all
Color me America, red, white and blue

I see red when evil speaks
Spilling red blood on our streets
And I feel blue from grief and sorrow that it brings
But the white, the light of love
God's own Spirit like a dove
Lifts us up and hands to us an olive branch

Oh, sweet freedom, may you stay
In our land and lives always
And may peace and beauty fill our hearts anew
And may we all stand up for you
May our thoughts and deeds be true
And be worthy of your, white and blue

I am red and white and blue
These are colors that ring true
To all I love and feel and see and do
Oh, I stand proud and brave and tall
I want justice for us all
So color me America, red, white and blue

Oh, sweet America
God won't you shed, won't you shed your grace on Thee
And crown Thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea
Oh, color me, color me America
Red, white and blue, color me America"

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