Monday, July 14, 2014

"Smoky Mountain Memories"

Sorry about the lack of updates for the past week. I have been unable to get my paws on a computer until now, so expect a wave of posts ;P
So, on July 5th, I got to spend 1 extra day in Dollywood, and I once again was able to enjoy being in what I call "The happiest place on Earth" ;P.

On the 6th, we had to leave the beautiful Smoky Mountains, and we headed to Savannah, GA, where we would spend the night. The drive there was relatively un-eventful, but once we got there, things grew more exciting.

We toured around the "river walk", and after eating a lovely dinner in what used to be an old cotton trading house, we headed on a "Ghost Tour". Savannah is supposedly one of the most haunted cities in the U.S., and although we didn't see any "ghosts", we did hear a few chilling stories. Our tour guide was amazing, and gave us an extra hour and a half of stories, meaning the tour didn't end until midnight! So, groggy, we headed back to the hotel where we slept (without nightmares ;P). The next morning we awoke, and headed off to St. Augustine, FL. Once we arrived, we had just enough time to eat dinner at Cap's, a beautiful restaurant that sits right on the water.

After dinner, we headed to our hotel (which was right on the beach), and we were able to take "an evening stroll" across the sand before we headed off to bed.

The next morning, we toured Saint Augustine and many of its historical sights.
Locked up

One of two of the only Jolly Roger flags left on the earth

An exhibit on Florida's native people

Look, its Mr.Ed!!!!

Gator Bob's "A traditional Florida cracker shop"

"The Fountain of Youth"

A beautiful peacock 

After spending most of the day in Saint Augustine, we headed over to Orlando, where we met up with my brother and his family. Ill include my week in orlando in the next post.

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