Saturday, June 28, 2014

"A Change Of Faith In Tennessee"

Or actually, in Georgia. I just got back from EFY last night, and I had a great time. I made some really great memories and experienced some really spectacular things.

First, the camp was held at Riverside Military Base in Gainesville, GA. The campus was beautiful, and many were calling it the "Southern Hogwarts". Despite being wary at first, the Riverside staff was very kind, and they were very accommodating. This years EFY theme was to be "anxiously engaged". The teachers and the counselors were fabulous, and there is no way I could thank them enough for putting together this wonderful experience. We are going to rest for a few days, and then on Monday, we head to Dollywood! :D

I have posted a video here of the main courtyard.

The (Hogwarts) Dining Hall

The Outer Courtyard

More photos:
My crazy counselor Sydni, aka "Skydrill"

The food was not the best, but what can you expect at a military academy?
At least the cookies were good! ;P

Injuries of an EFY counselor ;P

This was my "company", or group, for the
week. Despite being distant at first, we all
had grown pretty close by the end of the week. 

Me being "anxiously engaged" in studying my scriptures. :D 

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