Friday, June 20, 2014

"Stars On The Water"

Well, today we spent the day "resting" in Jackson, MS. And by resting, I mean running around town all day, and racing on a pontoon boat through a Monsoon. Now, lets start from the beginning. We are staying with family while we are here in Jackson, and so this morning we were treated to the breakfast of champions... Donuts! ;P After eating our highly nutritional breakfast, we finished getting ready and headed out to do some shopping around town. It was already 12:00 pm by the time we headed out, and we had made plans to join some family friends for dinner around 5:30pm. So once we were done shopping, we headed back home, got ready for dinner, and then took off again towards our friend's house. Now, this is where the boat comes in. You see, our friends live on the shore of a reservoir, and had just gotten this beautiful pontoon boat. Now, considering the fact that we were eating dinner at the yacht club, which was just under the bridge and on the other side of the reservoir, we all decided that it would be fun to take the pontoon. So, we all climbed in and started on our way. At first, we were greeted with gorgeous scenery and views.

Then, as we reached the middle of the reservoir, we began to feel drops of water falling on us, thinking it was just the water splashing up from underneath the boat, we didn't think much of it. Then the drops started falling more frequently, and we began to realize what was happening. A few seconds later, we were caught in a downpour, one friend began shouting at the other to get out of there, so, doing the only thing he could think of, he sped up. So, there was Annie, jacket over her head, screaming and laughing all at the same time, my dad and RJ (the friend who was driving) smiling and laughing quietly to themselves, Karen, the friend who was still shouting to get out of there as she leaned over, trying unsuccesfully to keep herself dry, and me, hair blowing "majestically" in the wind, laughing as we raced through the storm. By the time we got to the club, we were soaked, and to put it in Karen's words, we looked "like a bunch of drowned river rats". Thankfully, we weren't too out of place considering that a few other people had fought the same battle.  So, we ate our dinner while sitting, soaking wet, at a yacht club where the men were wearing nice suits and the women expensive looking dresses, with the mayor sitting at the table next to us, the judge at the table across the room, and the bank owner getting food from the salad bar, but we didn't care. By the time we finished, the storm had stopped, and we all piled back inside the boat (after wiping down the seats in a vain attempt to "keep dry") and headed home. On the way, we were greeted by a beautiful sunset, and all of the happy people riding the "Friendship" party boat (ill include a story about that in the caption).

The "Friendship" party boat
Many years ago, the party boat partially sunk in the the reservoir, and the story
as to why it sunk is too good not to tell. Supposedly, there was a party going on
(funny thing to be doing on a party boat aint it?) and a woman jumped over
board in her birthday (not bathing) suit. All of the boys on board
(being boys) ran to one side of the ship to see, causing it to tip over. 

So, that was our actually exciting day... Who would have thought going to dinner could be so much fun ;P Tomorrow, we head to Gainsville, GA, where we will once again rest for a day before I head of to church camp for 5 days.

More Photos:

Photo of me... (told y'all it was "majestic" ;P )

For those of you who were wondering (aka, none of you), all (or the majority) of the titles I use for my posts are either song titles or lyrics that in my mind, connect with the stories of the day. So, todays title, "Stars On The Water" comes from the George Strait song "Stars On The Water". As we were skipping along the water, wind and rain in my face, I thought of the the last two verses of this song:

"Beaumont to Biloxi sea breeze at your door
Gypsy rains dang hurricanes
White silver sandy shores
Blue light lounge is shinin'
Why out on the pier
Makes it look just like stars on the water
Just like stars on the water
Just like stars on the water
When it rains

When it's midnight down in Mobile
Shining moon beams on the bay
They come from miles around
To dance the jukebox down
To hear the good time sounds they play
And all across the harbor night life shinin' on
Makes you feel just like stars on the water
Just like stars on the water
Just like stars on the water
When it rains"

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