Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Amarillo by Morning"...

Or actually "Amarillo by Evening" considering the fact that we got to Amarillo, TX, around 6:30 pm today. We spent the majority of the day in Albuquerque, NM, where we rode the Sandia Peak tramway.

The tramway stretches from the valley floor to the crestline of the Sandia mountains, making it the 3rd longest single-span tramway in the world. Each tram can hold approximately 50 people, and the journey up takes about 15 minutes. The views on the way up are amazing...

...but the views once you reach the top are absolutely spectacular.

While we were at the top, we ate lunch at "High Finance", the restaurant that has sat at the crest of the Sandia mountains for more than 40 years.

After lunch, we took a few more photos and took the tram back down the mountain. Once we reached the bottom, we started on the 4 hour drive to Amarillo, TX. Once we arrived in Amarillo, we checked into our hotel and headed in for the night. Tomorrow, we have another long drive ahead of us as we head for Jackson, MS, so ill keep y'all updated in case anything exciting happens :)

Today's Song:
"Amarillo by Morning"-George Strait

More Photos:
The upper tram Platform

Annie and Dad suffering from the effects of altitude sickness 

Me at the top of the Sandia mountains

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